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11/20/2018 / By Edsel Cook

Look, up in the sky! Is it a bird or a plane or even Superman? No, it will probably be

11/07/2018 / By Edsel Cook

Your computer emits all kinds of noise, including ultrasonic sounds that cannot be picked up by the human ear. Hackers

10/18/2018 / By Edsel Cook

Surveillance drones were bad enough when they were up in the sky spying on you. Now, tech companies have made the

07/28/2018 / By Edsel Cook

Protecting your identity in the lawless wild of the Internet is considered to be a lost cause. But an article on

06/20/2018 / By Edsel Cook

The global internet is now the battleground of big name corporations like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and SpaceX, each of which

06/05/2018 / By Edsel Cook

The latest example of “Big Brother” surveillance in Australia is disguised as a public safety program. In a report,

06/04/2018 / By Edsel Cook

The talented R. Buckminster Fuller once warned that people who play with the devil’s toys will be slowly but surely

05/16/2018 / By Edsel Cook

The body cameras worn by police officers may one day serve as the metaphorical hundred eyes of an artificial intelligence

05/05/2018 / By Edsel Cook

Hackers are now finding it easy to crack encryption systems that rely on random number generators, according to a LiveScience article.

05/02/2018 / By Edsel Cook

Every smart device you buy straight from the shelves and add to your local internet of things (IoT) is an additional opening for